Diploma in Human Resource Management 
Programme Objectives and Description

This is a two years programme that is designed to familiarize students with the very latest thinking on, and best practice in, Human Resource Management. The programme equips students with knowledge, skills and attitudinal competences required for effective job performance as general and human resource officers at lower levels in organizations. Also, it builds their capacity and orients them to key issues and techniques of managing people in work organizations. The programme requires students to complete four (4) semesters of seventeen (17) weeks each. It requires candidates to successfully complete a total of forty (45) credit points, including a field practical of six weeks between year one and year two. Each candidate will be provided with a log book where he/she will record the activities done each week and signed by the Host organization supervisor. At the end the candidate will compile a report stipulating strength and challenges experienced during the field attachment.

Programme Structure 

Year 1


Year 2

Semester 1

Semester 2


Semester 1

Semester 2

PUB 053 Principles and Functions of Management

DST 020 Introduction to Development Perspectives


PUB 070 Ethics and Governance

BUS 090 Customer Service Management

QMS 080 Basic Mathematics and Applied Computing

ACC 080 Introduction to Accounting and Finance Management

ICT 715 Introduction to Information Technology and System Organization

PUB 083 Recruitment, Selection and Induction Process

COM 075 Business Communication Skills

PUB 064 Human Resource Planning

PUB 074 Rural Development in Developing Countries

PUB 084 Training and Development

PUB 055 Introduction to Public Administration

PUB 063Introduction to Local Government

PUB 072 Principles of Records Management and Office Procedures

BUS 090 Principles of Entrepreneurship

PUB 054 Introduction to Human Resource Management

PUB 065 Organizational behavior and Diversity Management

PUB 075 Stakeholders in Service Delivery

PUB 087 Introduction to Industrial Relations and Labor Laws

10 cps


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