The history of the department owns its origin in 1953, when Local Government Training Centre was established at Mzumbe. The centre was given the responsibility of training local chiefs on various aspects of local government in the areas of administration and revenue collection. Since then, the Local Government Training Centre grew into a higher learning institution – the Institute of Development Management (IDM) and later elevated to a full-fledged university. Despite the growth and changes in the status of the centre, all these institutions and the university maintained a centre – currently the Department of Local Government Management (DLGM). Training in Local government has remained the core function of the university under the DLGM in the School of Public Administration and Management (SOPAM). The DLGMhas six (6) academic staff, specialized in diverse areas of Public Administration, Political Science, Rural and Urban Governance and Management, Public Policy, Leadership and Local Government Management.

Programmes Offered by DLGM

The programmes under the DLGM aimat equipping students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for the administration and management of Local Government Authorities (LGAS) in Tanzania and beyond. The following full-time programmes are offered:-

  • PhD
  • Master of Public Administration in Local Government Management
  • Bachelor of Public Administration in Local Government Management
  • Diploma in Local Government Management ( waiting for approval)
  • Certificate in Local Government Management


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